Pulse Shack was at the Trotsmarkt in Baarn

On Sunday May 13th 2018 Pulse Shack was present at a very special market in Baarn, at the Castle of Groeneveld. The market was very diverse, with fair, delicious and beautifull products. Most of them hand made. There were quite some bean enthousiasts and it was great to meet them and discuss recipes with pulses and all the benefits of eating beans, lentils and peas.

Pulse Shack

Peas in a pod

It was also possible to win a prize. We filled a pot with beans and the guests were encouraged to guess the amount of beans in the pot. The person with the best guess was allowed to select two types of beans in the webshop of Pulse Shack. The chosen beans were sent to the winner and recieved with much enthousiasm.

At Pulse Shack we are proud of our special pulses and we offered a couple of meals prepared with lovely pulses. The pumpkin soup with Lemon beans prooved to be a great lunch and the apple pie with a base of white beans was completely sold out.

Pulse Shack

It was great to be at the Trotsmarkt! See you next time.