About Pulse Shack

Founded in 2017, this site is the place where enthusiasts of beans, foodies, chefs and people interested in sustainable and healthy eating come together. Here you can get inspired, informed and buy the most tasty and beautiful kinds of beans.

If you are looking for new recipes with dried pulses you will feel at home here. If you are curious about the cultivation of dried pulses, or how to best prepare them, this is your place. If you are interested in sustainable and healthy eating, you will find this website very interesting. And of course, you will be inspired and you will start smiling at the site of the diversity of dried pulses available in my webshop.

My mission is to increase the group of bean-buffs and thereby increase the consumption of dried pulses. With that I hope to increase our health and also contribute so that generations after ours can keep enjoying the beautiful world as we know it.

How Pulsh Shake came about

Pulse Shack came about from my work as a consultant in sustainability of agricultural- and food products. In several analyses for various clients pulses turned out to have quite a low environmental impact during cultivation compared to other crops. They also tuned out to have excellent nutritional properties and to fit well in a sustainable and healthy eating pattern. On top of that, when striving to eat as healthy AND sustainable as possible, using optimization algorithms, the amount of pulses consumed increased every time. These little round guys can play a key role in the transition from animal protein to vegetable protein and with that to a lower environmental footprint of our food consumption.

Therefor it is a pity that the cultivation as well as the consumption of beans has become less popular in recent decades. This is however changing rapidly, indicated amongst others by the FAO declaring the year 2016 as the year of the pulses. Since then more product development has been focusing on pulses and they are in the media more often.

I discovered that there are many kinds of dried pulses and my enthusiasm is sparked. Now, I want to get you acquainted to the diversity of colors, shapes, textures and flavor of pulses and to inspire you to make them part of what you consume on a daily basis.

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