Grey pea


The Grey pea is also called the Kollummer sweet pea or Raisin pea. The reason is that it looks a bit like a raisin when it is dried. Traditionally it is also prepared and eaten with raisins, and some bacon and syrup sauce. The color is anything but dull and grey. It is dotted in colors that resemble colors of the leaves during fall. It is a firm little fellow, nice and soft in the middle, a bit like the marrowfat pea.

general advice for preparation

Soak the beans in cold water for approximately 8 hours. Rinse them. Put them in a pan in cold water and bring to the boil, without adding salt. Simmer the beans gently in 1 to 2 hours until cooked, while checking occasionally for tenderness and to inspect if there is still enough water in the pan.


When you keep them in a dark and dry place they keep very well for at least one year.


In my recipes you will also find a recipe with Grey peas.


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