Fresian yellow forrest pea


The beautiful Fresian yellow forrest bean is the pride of the Fresian province in the Netherlands. This bean is quite bright yellow, with a soft pink eye and a purple circle. It is quite sweet and soft in texture. These properties make the Fresian yellow forest bean ideal for soups. The Waldbeantsje, as it is called in the Fresian language also feels very at ease when combined with fried onions, bacon, pickles and something sweet like apples or syrup.

general advice for preparation

Soak the beans in cold water for approximately 8 hours. Rinse them. Put them in a pan in cold water and bring to the boil, without adding salt. Simmer the beans gently in 1 to 2 hours until cooked, while checking occasionally for tenderness and to inspect if there is still enough water in the pan.


When you keep them in a dark and dry place they keep very well for at least one year.


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